Arcane – the armor collector

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  • Description
    • Fight and earn your way to glory in this middle age style tournament using bows, boomerangs, kunais, swords, axes and more! This intense Real time action RPG game includes: -More than 50 different armors and weapons -Campaign mode with 20 Challenges and 3 Bosses -Customizing your team members -10 Fighting arenas -Free mode embedded with highscores Scripting: Hadar Itzikowitz Art: Eduardo Mojica (cicla)
  • Instructions
    • W,A,S,D - move
      Left Mouse Button - shoot
      SPACE - switch between melee and range weapon
      Mouse Wheel or 'R','T' - change throwable weapons
      Mouse Wheel click or 'E' - throw throwable weapon (only on melee mode)
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Latest highscores for the Arcanethearmorcollector game:

  • hfbvfbf holds the highest score with: 12905000 (Highscores)

  • benrdk reached 27 (Osiris Graveyard)
  • benrdk reached 10 (Hell Chamber Cave)
  • benrdk reached 18 (Venus Sanctuary)
  • benrdk reached 23 (Venus Sanctuary)
  • benrdk reached 6808000 (Highscores)
  • benrdk reached 43 (Venus Sanctuary)
  • ty reached 9306000 (Highscores)
  • ty reached 30 (The Great Coliseum)
  • ty reached 39 (The Great Coliseum)
  • Rdude reached 15 (Venus Sanctuary)
  • Rdude reached 18 (Siberian Lost Castle)
  • RRRRRRRRRRRY reached 20 (Osiris Graveyard)
  • RRRRRRRRRRRY reached 13 (Venus Sanctuary)
  • RRRRRRRRRRRY reached 27 (Venus Sanctuary)
  • RRRRRRRRRRRY reached 35 (Gold Brown Mine)
  • RRRRRRRRRRRY reached 2 (Osiris Graveyard)
  • RRRRRRRRRRRY reached 8810000 (Highscores)
  • RRRRRRRRRRRY reached 41 (Hell Chamber Cave)
  • RRRRRRRRRRRY reached 28 (Osiris Graveyard)
  • RRRRRRRRRRRY reached 32 (Osiris Graveyard)
  • RRRRRRRRRRRY reached 23 (Venus Sanctuary)
  • RRRRRRRRRRRY reached 24 (Venus Sanctuary)
  • RRRRRRRRRRRY reached 21 (Siberian Lost Castle)
  • RRRRRRRRRRRY reached 29 (Siberian Lost Castle)
  • RRRRRRRRRRRY reached 44 (The Great Coliseum)

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