Color Blaster

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  • Description
    • Shoot the bubble at the bottom by clicking. Make lines or clusters of 3 or more of the same color. If you don't knock any bubbles off in a round, you will loose a life. Every time you loose all your lives, a new line of bubbles appears at the top and you get some lives again (3, 2, 1 in sequence). Don't let the bubbles overflow the board. The multiplier of the points gets bigger after every successful shoot in a row, so the longer sequences you make the more points you get. There is no time limit in the game.
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Latest highscores for the ColorBlaster game:

  • kader india holds the highest score with: 205070 (Highscores)

  • Sandry reached 11010 (Highscores)
  • mmm reached 86990 (Highscores)
  • Katy reached 13950 (Highscores)
  • one reached 99780 (Highscores)
  • Katy reached 26060 (Highscores)
  • Katy reached 60930 (Highscores)
  • one reached 101950 (Highscores)
  • kdh reached 17400 (Highscores)
  • kader india reached 205070 (Highscores)
  • kader u a e reached 39380 (Highscores)
  • kader u a e reached 100470 (Highscores)
  • julio reached 26900 (Highscores)
  • loiraly reached 73760 (Highscores)

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