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  • Description
    • Smash touching blocks in this supremely beautiful, action packed puzzle game.
  • Instructions
    • Select matching blocks using the mouse to remove them. Drag power-ups from the side and drop them on the grid to activate them.
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Latest highscores for the GemClix game:

  • S. Jaciw holds the highest score with: 97572900 (Blitz Scores)

  • Ticketyboo reached 1638900 (Casual Scores)
  • s. Jaciw reached 24124200 (Blitz Scores)
  • S. Jaciw reached 26959500 (Blitz Scores)
  • S. Jaciw reached 28809300 (Blitz Scores)
  • S. Jaciw reached 30882000 (Blitz Scores)
  • S. Jaciw reached 51361800 (Blitz Scores)
  • S. Jaciw reached 51719700 (Blitz Scores)
  • S. Jaciw reached 66402000 (Blitz Scores)
  • S. Jaciw reached 88599900 (Blitz Scores)
  • S Jaciw reached 65807400 (Blitz Scores)
  • J Jaciw reached 34768500 (Blitz Scores)
  • S. Jaciw reached 97572900 (Blitz Scores)
  • fofinha491 reached 755400 (Casual Scores)
  • Katy reached 1099200 (Blitz Scores)
  • Katy reached 162000 (Casual Scores)
  • Latonya Lufkin TX reached 1637700 (Casual Scores)
  • Latonya Lufkin TX reached 966000 (Blitz Scores)
  • Latonya Lufkin TX reached 2121600 (Casual Scores)
  • Latonya Lufkin TX reached 2255400 (Casual Scores)
  • . Jaciw reached 20351400 (Blitz Scores)
  • boogie reached 1419300 (Casual Scores)
  • S. Jaciwj reached 13879500 (Blitz Scores)
  • viola77 reached 1194000 (Blitz Scores)
  • glory reached 14933100 (Blitz Scores)
  • yes reached 349800 (Blitz Scores)

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