Ghost Flight

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  • Description
    • In a Chopper-inspired game, you fly your ghost between the spirit lights as far as possible in hopes of reaching heaven. On your way you'll see the ghosts of your opponents who have also tried. See if you can beat them in this asynchronous multiplayer game!
  • Instructions
    • Use any key on the keyboard to fly or float.
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Latest highscores for the GhostFlight game:

  • Guest832 holds the highest score with: 1461 (Distance)

  • Guest8149 reached 601 (Distance)
  • Guest7894 reached 141 (Distance)
  • Guest7894 reached 241 (Distance)
  • Guest7894 reached 471 (Distance)
  • Guest8258 reached 491 (Distance)
  • Guest8258 reached 531 (Distance)
  • Guest737 reached 411 (Distance)
  • Guest6888 reached 12 (Distance)
  • Guest6888 reached 141 (Distance)
  • Guest9720 reached 141 (Distance)
  • Guest9720 reached 531 (Distance)
  • Guest9720 reached 551 (Distance)
  • Guest9720 reached 761 (Distance)
  • Guest3793 reached 0 (Distance)
  • Guest7884 reached 151 (Distance)
  • Guest4800 reached 181 (Distance)
  • Guest4685 reached 141 (Distance)
  • Guest5255 reached 141 (Distance)
  • Guest2165 reached 0 (Distance)
  • Guest2165 reached 221 (Distance)
  • Guest5834 reached 351 (Distance)
  • Guest5834 reached 521 (Distance)
  • Guest2957 reached 141 (Distance)
  • Guest2957 reached 151 (Distance)
  • Guest9514 reached 12 (Distance)

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