Hack Slash Crawl

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  • Description
    • Enter the dungeons of Hack Slash Crawl to find your fortune. Be prepared for anything, because no two dungeons are alike. If you're of Rogue-likes and Diablo, then this is the dungeon crawler for you! Attack! Sell Items! Defeat bosses!
  • Instructions
    • Click to move
      Click to attack
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Latest highscores for the HackSlashCrawl game:

  • Paracelsus holds the highest score with: 407400 (Wealthiest Adventurers)

  • z reached 400 (Wealthiest Adventurers)
  • n reached 1600 (Wealthiest Adventurers)
  • caleb reached 200 (Wealthiest Adventurers)
  • MASON reached 9600 (Wealthiest Adventurers)
  • ko reached 0 (Wealthiest Adventurers)
  • setaita reached 100 (Wealthiest Adventurers)
  • maramendoza12 reached 6900 (Wealthiest Adventurers)
  • kjhuytgfredswqazxcvbnm, reached 200 (Wealthiest Adventurers)
  • Carley reached 4800 (Wealthiest Adventurers)
  • 1ooo45 reached 0 (Wealthiest Adventurers)
  • Nick 24.05 reached 180300 (Wealthiest Adventurers)
  • Nick reached 145150 (Wealthiest Adventurers)
  • Frankie1964 reached 19250 (Wealthiest Adventurers)
  • FACEBOOK5432115165565 reached 2550 (Wealthiest Adventurers)
  • Rišo cool reached 18000 (Wealthiest Adventurers)
  • nur reached 0 (Wealthiest Adventurers)
  • 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 reached 0 (Wealthiest Adventurers)
  • dhruv reached 200 (Wealthiest Adventurers)
  • francis reached 1200 (Wealthiest Adventurers)
  • Nick reached 401550 (Wealthiest Adventurers)
  • jackson reached 600 (Wealthiest Adventurers)
  • eduardohonesco reached 76450 (Wealthiest Adventurers)
  • hgg reached 100 (Wealthiest Adventurers)
  • krayon reached 136650 (Wealthiest Adventurers)
  • cattygirl99 reached 15250 (Wealthiest Adventurers)

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