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  • Description
    • C'mon down and try your luck at Mind Flipper, where spelling meets wit, brains outweigh brawn, and budget prevents us from creating a hot babe to flip the letters. Yep, it's America's new favorite game show, and with some ad support, it's free to play! Link letters, create words, max out on points, and do it quickly - time is your enemy!
  • Instructions
    • Use your mouse to click on letters, joining them to form words. Letters must be touching, but can touch in any direction - left, right, up, down, diagonally - and must be in correct word order. Words can only be used once. Score as many points as you can before time runs out.
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Latest highscores for the MindFlipper game:

  • Iwona holds the highest score with: 1924 (Highscores)

  • Iwona reached 1924 (Highscores)
  • Iwona iii reached 1434 (Highscores)
  • NIUNIA reached 1288 (Highscores)
  • NIUNIA reached 1876 (Highscores)
  • i-niunia reached 1442 (Highscores)
  • ja reached 826 (Highscores)
  • LAURA XD reached 200 (Highscores)
  • LAURA XD reached 230 (Highscores)
  • Suzette_Jordaan reached 1472 (Highscores)
  • Suzette_Jordaan reached 1694 (Highscores)
  • kyriakos reached 846 (Highscores)

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