Papa’s Burgeria

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  • Description
    • In this sequel to the award-winning hit game “Papa’s Pizzeria”, you’re headed back to the kitchen to run Papa Louie’s new burger shop! You’ll have to take orders, grill burgers, add toppings, and serve the sandwiches to the waiting customers.
  • Instructions
    • Use the mouse to switch between Stations, and to click and drag burgers and toppings.
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Latest highscores for the PapasBurgeria game:

  • Tolis Hellas holds the highest score with: 125128 (Customer Points)

  • iman reached 3364 (Customer Points)
  • burger bita reached 3673 (Customer Points)
  • rrr reached 1706 (Customer Points)
  • mikki f oli reached 192 (Customer Points)
  • gajalakshmi reached 1452 (Customer Points)
  • xgnfhn reached 914 (Customer Points)
  • Apostolos Hellas reached 591 (Customer Points)
  • fikra reached 538 (Customer Points)
  • RITA reached 557 (Customer Points)
  • tyygg reached 3528 (Customer Points)
  • 8ii reached 189 (Customer Points)
  • tyygg reached 9124 (Customer Points)
  • pk98po reached 516 (Customer Points)
  • ,,,,,.,,,, . reached 966 (Customer Points)
  • shahira reached 971 (Customer Points)
  • halim reached 1127 (Customer Points)
  • ara reached 181 (Customer Points)
  • siddiq reached 3242 (Customer Points)
  • jazmin martin reached 194 (Customer Points)
  • RYAN BEATTIE 6 reached 154 (Customer Points)
  • aiman reached 1882 (Customer Points)
  • sdsdsd reached 190 (Customer Points)
  • patricia reached 530 (Customer Points)
  • saad reached 532 (Customer Points)
  • nagham reached 15970 (Customer Points)

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