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  • Description
    • SNAFU TD is a military themed tower defense game. It features multiple missions with in game achievements.
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Latest highscores for the SNAFUTD game:

  • wolfpackunited holds the highest score with: 107996 (Operation Omega)

  • z reached 532 (Operation Iron Gladiator)
  • aleksandr ambrose reached 3828 (Operation Last Gas)
  • Max White reached 8792 (Operation Last Gas)
  • Max White reached 7750 (Operation Troll Fisher)
  • Anthony turley reached 7900 (Operation Troll Fisher)
  • RRRRRRRRRRRryyy reached 16486 (Operation Omega)
  • j reached 450 (Operation Mountain High)
  • j reached 522 (Operation Iron Gladiator)
  • j reached 206 (Operation Troll Fisher)
  • jon reached 422 (Operation Sandbox Sunrise)
  • jon reached 2058 (Operation Broadway)
  • Lbo reached 74788 (Operation Omega)
  • Lbo reached 1478 (Operation Troll Fisher)
  • 20000000000000 reached 0 (Operation Broadway)
  • ashton reached 89550 (Operation Omega)
  • wynne reached 85788 (Operation Omega)
  • ashton reached 11920 (Operation Tropical Fire)
  • nick reached 664 (Operation Broadway)
  • brady reached 20820 (Operation Sandbox Sunset)
  • brady reached 58624 (Operation Omega)
  • brady reached 3210 (Operation Last Gas)
  • brady reached 19766 (Operation Crimson Canyon)
  • brady reached 75152 (Operation Sandbox Sunset)
  • ashton reached 6414 (Operation Sandbox Sunset)
  • brady reached 12268 (Operation Iron Gladiator)

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