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  • Description
    • Street Skateboarding, do flips, kicks, shovits, grinds and all sorts of other cool tricks, go for the highscore!
  • Instructions
    • Use ARROW KEYS to MOVE your skater.
      Press SPACE to JUMP.
      In air press A key for a FLIP trick,
      S key for a SHUVIT and
      D to GRIND.
      Combine these trick keys with arrow keys to do other tricks.
      In air Tap LEFT ARROW TWICE or RIGHT ARROW TWICE to start a 360 FLIP.
      On the ground TAP LEFT ARROW, RIGHT ARROW or RIGHT ARROW, LEFT ARROW to perform a manual when you land,
      these can be used to link combos together for bigger points!
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Latest highscores for the Kickflip game:

  • cooldude holds the highest score with: 347 (Kickflip_Highscores)

  • cooldude reached 347 (Kickflip_Highscores)

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