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  • Description
    • Through 5 scenarios, the Knight seeks his stolen love, imprisoned by the Devil himself. Showcasing a new spin (literally) on the puzzle RPG genre, you must guide your Knight to each level's exit by drilling away the blocks he stands on, and letting gravity take effect! By rotating the entire game board, you can guide him anywhere you wish; into confrontations with the monsters that dwell in the dungeons, or to greedily grab the treasures that litter the game - be careful not to run out of stamina, though! Collect enough currency, and you can buy potions, spells, armour and other trinkets from a shop staffed by a helpful fairy. 3 skill levels cater for absolute beginners, right up to the most hardened strategy fan, 2 different game modes provide essential replayability and a host of achievements await the completist!
  • Instructions
    • The aim of each level is to guide your Knight to the stone door, collecting the key on the way. To manoeuvre the Knight you must drill away groups of three or more coloured blocks by clicking on them, causing him to land in the space below. The board can also be rotated by clicking on the arrows either side of it (or by pressing the left or right keys). Enemies can be defeated by removing blocks from above their heads, allowing your Knight to bear down upon them with his Drill. Each monster can attack your Knight in uniquely vile ways; some will lash out if they are next to your Knight, whilst others can attack from a distance, and even rain down death from above. Useful items may occasionally materialise on the board. Collecting these will add them to your inventory (located at the top of the screen) where they can be used at once, or saved for later. If you find yourself unable to make a move, then play will automatically revert to usage of the block switching tool, which allows you to switch any two adjacent tiles in order to form a group of three. Each time you remove some blocks, your action points (represented by the green bar) will reduce. Should you be unfortunate enough that they reach nil, you will start taking damage, so ponder each move carefully, good sir!
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One comment

  1. Leto Leto on June 17th, 2010 3:40 am

    Here is a list of all achievements in the game, and how to get them:

    Accumulate more then 10000 GP: Hoarder Extraordinaire
    Buy one of every item in the game: Collectors Edition
    Catch 3 Golden Mushrooms: A Clutch Of Magic Mushrooms
    Complete game without being hit: Sir Dodgealot The Swift
    Complete game without using block switch tool: Nowhere Near Rock Bottom
    Complete the game in double quick time: Dashing Adventurer
    Complete the game in one session without quitting or dying: All in one
    Complete the game in under 300 moves: Grandmaster
    Complete the game without having an item stolen: Honour Amongst Thieves
    Complete the game without letting your AP drop to zero: Last One Left At The Banquet Table
    Complete the game without waking a Mandrake: Tiptoe Through The Turnips
    Destroy 20 blocks in one drill: Superboring
    Destroy one of every enemy in the game: Variety Is The Spice Of Death
    Drill blocks in order of: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue: Rainbows over Camelot
    Fall from the top row of the board to the bottom: Fall From Grace
    Finish a stage while drilling only one type of block: Medieval Monochrome
    Finish a stage with no enemies left: Deadly Gentry
    Just complete the game: Difficulty? Nay!
    Kill 10 or more chickens in a single game: Fowl Play
    Kill 100 enemies in a single game: Ghosts n Goblins
    Never buy anything from the shop : No Logo Knight
    Perform a 3 x combo: Death From Above
    Reach Stage 50 in the Purgatory Quest: Relentless
    Reach experience level 10: Sir Grindalot The Wise
    Reach the final battle without attacking any monsters with the drill: Merlins way
    Reach the final battle without killing anything: The Bravest Chicken
    Reach the final battle without using magic: use only swords no sorcery
    Take damage from 3 or more enemies on the same turn: Monsters Munchbag