Pixelshocks’ Tower Defence II

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  • Description
    • Pixelshocks’ Tower Defence returns in its second installment with more creeps, more maps and new game modes! The core of the game remains the same - Prevent the passage of creeps by building towers to stop them! However, this time round, the creeps have gained new abilities and forms and the battleground has expanded. You have 6 towers and 9 item effects to choose from. There are 6 game modes and tons of map to pit your wits and skills with. So once again, choose wisely!! Regular updates and new stuffs will be added to the game so do check out the game often. For more news and information of the game, please do visit http://www.games.pixelshocks.com/tower2/. Please show your support to keep the game alive!!
  • Instructions
    • Prevent the passage of creeps by building towers to stop them! There are 6 game modes with different rules to choose from. Visit http://games.pixelshocks.com/tower2/ for more information on each game mode.
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Latest highscores for the PixelshocksTowerDefenceII game:

  • Adam holds the highest score with: 2147483647 (Flower)

  • Lord Trab reached 21262560 (Classic 1)
  • Lord Trab reached 6499313 (Kingslayer 2)
  • Lord Trab reached 56914345 (Gates 2)
  • Lord Trab reached 20618006 (Merry-Go-Round)
  • Lord Trab reached 737371307 (Unlimited 1)
  • Lord Trab reached 22239088 (The Snake)
  • Lord Trab reached 36248088 (Kingslayer 2)
  • Lord Trab reached 36329060 (Kingslayer 1)
  • Lord Trab reached 52130964 (Gates 1)
  • Skrilla reached 2147483647 (Flower)
  • Lord Trab reached 22444165 (Merry-Go-Round)
  • Lord Trab reached 21684104 (Classic 1)
  • Lord Trab reached 23702573 (The Snake)
  • Lord Trab reached 12479050 (Multi-Lanes 1)
  • Lord Trab reached 64245037 (Gates 1)
  • Lord Trab reached 24912817 (Classic 1)
  • Lord Trab reached 1167608341 (Flower)
  • Lord Trab reached 24669597 (The Snake)
  • Lord Trab reached 44585611 (Multi-Lanes 1)
  • Lord Trab reached 71015209 (Gates 2)
  • Lord Trab reached 25413261 (Merry-Go-Round)
  • Lord Trab reached 2884776 (Star)
  • Adam reached 2147483647 (Flower)
  • red reached 3973580 (Kingslayer 1)
  • jonah reached 29051195 (Flower)

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