The Orb Mission

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  • Description
    • Aliens have infested the earths orbiting solarpowerplatforms with power-draining plagues. Your Mission is to destroy those plagues with an power orb by touching them.
  • Instructions
    • You steer the orb on the platforms orbiting the earth with your mouse and try to destroy all plagues by touching them.
      While doing this, you must be careful not to fall off the platforms.
      Also you have to avoid getting hit by enemy spaceship fire.
      You have some shields, that you can activate with left mouse click, to protect you from enemy fire.
      Occasionally you will find extra lives and additional shields on the platforms.
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  • alexkiki reached 550 (Highscore)
  • DooM_of_Evil reached 2440 (Highscore)
  • Alfomega reached 1240 (Highscore)
  • @Neurotoxin reached 2240 (Highscore)
  • rewre reached 590 (Highscore)
  • _Exekutor_ reached 1080 (Highscore)
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  • julio391 reached 620 (Highscore)
  • jayq500 reached 710 (Highscore)
  • Ishinii reached 550 (Highscore)
  • whiteboy22 reached 410 (Highscore)
  • lidan52 reached 530 (Highscore)
  • baba416 reached 430 (Highscore)
  • harrier0 reached 350 (Highscore)
  • hcroyal reached 4330 (Highscore)
  • hcroyal reached 1300 (Highscore)
  • hcroyal reached 690 (Highscore)

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